ArtPlace Inc.

Our mission

Creative placemaking through art

ArtPlace aims for placemaking that maximizes people's creativity, adds intellectual and emotional stimulation to the office environment, and relieves psychological stress, using art to make all places more humane and creative.

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5 reasons to choose us

01Quality assurance
Leveraging our strong relationships of trust with renowned galleries, and mid-career and emerging artists, we provide the highest quality artwork.
02Proven track record
Since our establishment in 1983, through a wide range of fields including public, educational, research-based, transportation, medical, and private facilities, we have produced over 700 artworks and projects, enabling us to provide reliable solutions backed by experience.
03Collaboration with specialists from various industries
Working closely with partners in various fields including architects, landscape architects, and interior designers, we consistently manage placemaking projects from plan proposal to artwork installation.
04Various programs & services
Together with artists, we plan and carry out participatory programs, workshops, and events for all people involved in places, including residents and office workers. We provide art strategies made for urban spaces, as well as domestic and international information, in order to propose creative solutions to our clients.
05Support of various work styles and implementation of SDGs
We contribute to building a sustainable society by creating through art, places that correspond to rapidly changing workstyles, with an aim to generate well-being that allows people to live healthy and comfortable lives, both mentally and physically.